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Southwold & Reydon Society Housing Report 2012

In 2009 the Southwold and Reydon Society developed a Planning Manifesto for Southwold and Reydon, outlining the principles that the Society believes should be applied in local planning developments.

Arising from this the Society recognised that it needed to establish some basic facts about housing in the area and in 2011 a group, under the chairmanship of Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson produced a report which did just that. That report has now been updated for 2012 to reflect the latest changes and trends.

The report covers the various categories of houses – occupied, vacant, second homes and holiday lets, and social housing (Local Authority rental, housing associations, housing charities) in Southwold and Reydon. It also looks at population figures.

In terms of the resident adult population it shows a decline of 27% in Southwold from 1328 in 2001 to 974 in 2011..Over the same period in Reydon the decline was much smaller – from 2240 in 2001 to 2192 in 2011 – a fall of 2 % .

Overall the resident population of Southwold and Reydon has fallen by 11 % over the 10 years from 2001 to 2011.

Alongside the decline in the resident population there has been a big increase in the number of second homes and holiday lets.In Southwold 49% of all homes now fall into this category – up from 36% in 2001 .In Reydon 14 % properties are either holiday lets or second homes .

Out of a total of 2812 residential properties in Southwold and Reydon, 31% are now either second homes or holiday lets. In Southwold the figure reaches 49%.

This obviously puts pressure on those residents seeking to buy their first homes or to live and work in Southwold. Currently social housing in Southwold comprises 94 units, and 148 in Reydon – 8.6% of the total housing stock .

There is a great deal more for those wishing to delve deeper – download from the pdf above

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