Southwold and Reydon Society

Protecting the character and amenities of Southwold and Reydon



Apologies :Doug Pope ,Dr and Mrs  Fells,Pand W Gibbs ,Guy Mitchell,Mary Rowan-Robinson .

Minutes of the last AGM : The Minutes of the last AGM held  on April 29, 2013 were approved as a true record . Prop. Jack Storer, seconded Hugh Williamson.Unanimous

Matters Arising : None

Chairman’s Report: The Chairman referred to the ongoing battle with property developer Gentian who he said did not appear to be doing well in their campaign to introduce more national chain stores to the High Street .He also referred to the Pathfinder scheme at Easton Bavents which had now reached a satisfactory conclusion .The Society had set up two working groups -one to look at the High Street and ways of  strengthening Waveney’s planning policy .Support was being sought from other market towns.The second working group was looking at  environmental issues .The Society was also currently involved in a campaign to combat dog fouling and was keeping an eye on plans to re-develop the Southwold Caravan Site which had recently been revealed.

Treasurer’s Report : The annual accounts had been circulated earlier .In reply to a question from the floor about why the annual lunch always showed up as defecit , the Treasurer explained the “deficit” was the cost of items such as lunches for  guests, staff gratuities and  presentations to speakers .These were charged to the Society rather than individual members buying tickets . Proposed Jack Storer and seconded  Jane Ackroyd  that the accounts be approved Unanimous .

Membership Secretary’s Report . The report was given by Dexter Kirk who had stepped down during the year to be replaced by Jonathan Hadgraft . He said membership had risen by 20% during his time as Membership Secretary and at the end of the year had stood at 445. More members were still needed however in Reydon .

Election of Officers and Committee .

The President  vacated the Chair.Proposed by Jonathan Hadgraft , seconded by Jack Storer  that Dr John Stewart be re-elected as President .Unanimous .

The President resumed the chair He explained  the rules of the constitution governing the election of  committee members  and also the procedure for co-opting members . The  committee comprised 12 members and had the power to co-opt  three further members  to assist on specific issues .

He read the list of current committee members who had all agreed to stand for re election-Michael Rowan-Robinson ,Tony Evans,John Perkins,Brian Harrild ,Jonathan Hadgraft,Ridley Burnett,Sue Doy,Peter Fells,Dexter Kirk .He  suggested Mischa Lester become a co- opted member for her retail experience and that  Stephanie Holt and Pamela O Hara be confirmed as  full members of the committee.Philip O’Hear had been  a member of the committee for less than 3 years and therefore  did not need to stand for re election

Proposed by Elizabeth Dales and seconded by Jane Ackroyd that the proposal be accepted as described. Unanimous .

The committee now comprised the President plus 12  members and one co-opted member.Seven of the committee were from Reydon and 5 from Southwold .

The following officers  were re- elected en bloc;  Michael Rowan-Robinson (Chairman) ,Tony Evans (Vice Chairman)  John Perkins (Secretary ) Brian Harrild (Treasurer) ,Jonathan Hadgraft (Membership Secretary)  Proposed by Jeannette Radley-Kane ,seconded Ben Marriner .Unanimous .

Peter Gibbs was re elected as Auditor.Proposed  Hugh Williamson ,seconded Anthea Marriner .Unanimous .

AOB None

The President thanked the committee for their work during the year, John Nottage and David Wood for setting up and operating the sound system  and Barry Tolfree for the Excellence Awards certificates and  the Society’s Record Book.


April 2014

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