Southwold and Reydon Society

Protecting the character and amenities of Southwold and Reydon

Dear Aunt Bessy

Thank you for the $1,000,000 you have so graciously sent me. I will be sure to use it for good. As I have researched organizations to donate this money to, I have decided I will send $600,000 to child labor, $300,000 to the meat packing industry, and $100,000 to women’s suffrage.
Primarily, $600,000 should go towards the prevention of child labor. According to the 1911 National Child Labor Report, it states, “While I was in the region, two breaker boys of 15 years . . . fell or were carried by the coal down into the car below. One was badly burned and the other smothered to death.” Child labor not only takes away the chance of a normal childhood, but also takes away the chance of life. For such a young person to die so horribly is simply wrong and unjust. Children should be able to play and go to schools surrounded by joy and laughter. Instead, they go to work and witness blood and death each day. Some may oppose the eradication of child labor, claiming that they are looking out for the future economy of America. Yet, the children that they put to work each day are the future. Pushing them to the breaking point, so much so that some even die, is not a proper way to handle America’s future. If child labor upholds, more and more deaths will occur, and eventually our future generation will practically be non-existent.
Secondly, $300,000 should go towards the meat packing industry. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair states, “There would be meat stored in great piles in rooms; and the water from leaky roofs would drip over it, and thousands of rats would race about on it.” The Jungle is a novel inspired by the meat-packing businesses in Chicago. By highlighting the horrors of the meat industry, it’s success is so great that even President Roosevelt acted upon it creating more federal food safety laws. To the majority of the public, the purpose of the meat-packing industry is to provide safe food for their customers to consume. However, based on these descriptions, they are doing anything but so. In fact, they are poisoning the public rather than providing them with the protein and nutrition they need. America faces numerous obstacles each day, thus the food they eat should be the least of their worries. Yet, it is actually one of the most pressing issues we face. American citizens should be able to buy food without the fear of bacteria or food poisoning so that they are able to continue with their day.
Lastly, $100,000 should go towards suffrage. According to the Ladies Home Journal, it states, “If women would fulfill her traditional responsibility to her own children . . . then she must bring herself to use the ballot [vote] . . . American women need this . . . to preserve the home.” (Jane Addams, co-founder of the Hull House). As the excerpt states, children are being ripped away from their mothers, families are being broken apart simply because of the stubborn opposition to let women vote. By the simple act of voting, families would be together living happily and safely under a roof. You want women to bear children, but make it so easy to take them away. The hypocrisy and foolishness behind this idea is evidently wrong.
By donating this money to child labor, the meat packing industry, and suffrage, I sincerely hope to improve our country as a whole. America faces many challenging obstacles daily, but I hope that, with the help of benefactors and donors such as yourself, we can bring progress to our world. Change is coming slowly but surely, and I thank you for letting me be a part of it.
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